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Size 50mL

Inspired By: Baccarat Rouge 540

Indulge in the delicate sophistication of our captivating blend, reminiscent of a gentle breeze carrying notes of amber, florals, and woods. Let the enchanting top notes of bergamot and crisp, sweet berry dance upon your senses, gracefully accompanied by a hint of jasmine and the radiant touch of saffron. As the fragrance unfolds, the mineral facets of ambergris and the earthy tones of freshly cut oakmoss intertwine, bestowing upon you a scent truly fit for royalty. Immerse yourself in this regal aroma and elevate your sensory experience.

  • Top Note -  Bergamot, Sandalwood, Oud
  • Middle Note - Jasmine, Saffron, Sweet Berry
  • Base Note - Oakmoss, Amber, Vanilla

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