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Color Silver
Introducing our exquisite stand-alone diffuser, designed to imbue your home with the captivating essence reminiscent of a luxurious 5-star hotel. Experience the epitome of elegance as the power of scent permeates your space, enveloping it in an unparalleled, harmonious, and rejuvenating fragrance.


Leveraging cutting-edge cold-air diffusion technology, our esteemed Mini Pro Diffuser transforms fragrance oil into a delicate nano-mist, ensuring a prolonged suspension in the air and superior coverage. Without the need for heat or water, this exceptional diffuser preserves the inherent therapeutic qualities of our exquisite fragrance oils, safeguarding their original essence. The advanced atomization process guarantees residue-free diffusion, providing a safe environment for pets, children, and cherished belongings, including artwork and furniture.


*Key Features*


  • Scents up to 500 square feet
  • 3.25" width x 11.25" height
  • 100ml Oil capacity
  • High capacity battery
  • Intelligent touch screen control
  • Heatless & waterless atomizer technology preserves the structural integrity of fragrance oils
  • Dry mist leaves no residue
  • Safe for pets and children

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